Expect great music

Begun in 1887, Tuesday Musical is an anchor arts organization for Akron and also one of the oldest and most-respected organizations of our kind in the United States.

We present concerts by the finest world-acclaimed classical musicians as well as meaningful education and community engagement programs. We are the only organization in Summit County doing so.

Tuesday Musical expands access to classical music for children and adults by offering opportunities to experience excellent live music — thus engaging current and new generations of music lovers and extending the benefits of music inside and beyond the concert hall.

Distinguished history, fabulous future

Tuesday Musical has come a long way and our future sounds fabulous!

Distinguished history, fabulous future Details

Tuesday Musical Club was founded in 1887 by thirteen young women who wanted to share their love of music.

Within a short time, these women had established a schedule of evening recitals to present to the public and afternoon study groups for Tuesday Musical Club members. Early venues were private homes as well as churches and other public spaces. Once Stan Hywet Hall was built, it became a favored home for Tuesday Musical activities after Gertrude Penfield Seiberling, an early Tuesday Musical enthusiast and the wife of industrialist Frank Seiberling, joined the organization.

As the Tuesday Musical Club evolved, it became today’s Tuesday Musical Association with a three-fold mission to provide:

  • a premier concert series for the community;
  • a comprehensive educational and scholarship program for young people; and
  • performing and listening opportunities for its members and guests.

World's best music

Tuesday Musical presents three series featuring world-acclaimed and beloved classical musicians.

World's best music Details

Tuesday Musical presents three series featuring world-acclaimed and beloved classical musicians.

  1. Tuesday Musical’s MAINSTAGE series features six concerts annually by nationally and internationally acclaimed classical artists and ensembles. These concerts take place at E. J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall in Akron, and most feature well-attended pre-concert talks that help to inform and engage our audiences.
  2. The FUZE series features concerts, often by young emerging artists, that engages audiences with music that reaches beyond the classics. FUZE concerts often take place in smaller venues throughout the community.
  3. With partial funding from the Knight Foundation, Tuesday Musical has launched DECOMPRESSION CHAMBER. This new series is bringing free mini-concerts by chamber musicians to employees and clients at high-pressure sites throughout the city — hospitals, financial institutions, government offices, facotires, social service agencies, etc. Some musicians are local, while others are part of Tuesday Musical’s Main Stage or FUZE! concert series.

Expanding access

Through our Education and Community Engagement Program, Tuesday Musical shares the power of excellent classical music with thousands of children and adults every year.

Expanding access Details

Tuesday Musical's Education and Community Engagement Program activities expand access to world-class musicians for people of all ages. 

Every season, our stellar guest artists teach, perform and inspire during multi-day visits to K-12 schools, universities, libraries, retirement community, workplaces and more.

Among our many offerings: master classes, teaching residencies, open rehearsals, lectures, smaller public performances, pre-concert talks, free tickets for all students, bus underwriting for student groups, our Annual Scholarship Competition for college and university students pursuing careers in music performance and/or music education, our Brahms Allegro Junior Music Club for students in grades 1-12, and much more.

We place a premium on innovative partnerships and collaborations with teachers, schools and community organizations to create meaningful experiences for students and adults.

For more information about Tuesday Musical's Education and Community Engagement Program activities, call 330-761-3460 or e-mail us

Grand community

Members, season subscribers, individual ticket buyers, and donors are essential and appreciated.

Grand community Details

Tuesday Musical is grateful for support from so many. Members assume key leadership roles in the organization, from helping develop education and community programs to helping select artists for each concert season. Season subscribers and individual ticket buyers fill our concert seats. Donors — including generous individuals and foundations — provide crucial resources that help Tuesday Musical remain vibrant and vital.


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Finance Administrator

Jarrod Hartzler

Executive & Artistic Director

Karla Jenkins

Artistic Administrator

Cyndee Snider

Director of Development & Communications